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What is Unique about InCyber TPIT™?

InCyber, Inc. offers a user friendly automatic True Prediction Engine to provide advance warning of Pending Insider Threats™ (TPIT)™. Machine Learning and Environmental analysis reduce false positives and offers deep analysis of each individual employee. TPIT is a complimentary layer of protection that seamlessly integrates with existing security infrastructure.

In addition, the InCyber TPIT system will also perform an Insider Penetration Test (IPT) to determine how well are your systems protected against Insiders.

  •  Advanced Machine Learning and Combo-algorithms establish individual behavior baselines and “learn” over time in order to reduce false positives.
  • The Initial Prediction Score™ (IPS)™ evaluates anomalous behavior. In addition, we use Industry Factors and External Data to improve the overall accuracy of our TPIT system.(TPIT)™.
  •  Scalable user friendly technology that works in tandem with existing systems to provide penetrating analysis into user activity increasing both organizational security and efficiency.

InCyber TPIT (TM) lets you know weeks or months ahead, potential threats, suspects, fraud and unusual User Activities.

You can start by using your own historical data and receive the InCyber Status report for up to 500 users. Just send us a comma delimited csv or txt file containing the following 5 columns; User ID (without names), Time Stamp, Description (of the activity), File name, and Path. We will do the rest. You will get a Status Report indicating who are the suspects and what are the suspect activities.

If you are interested, we will be glad to send you a sample csv file. Just send us an email ( indicating you would like to receive the sample comma delimited csv file with the required 5 columns.

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InCyber, Inc. is dedicated to changing the cyber security landscape with our Patent Pending, True Prediction System ™ TPIT™ focused on Insider Threats. Our mission is to defend enterprises against Insider Threats and/or those impersonating Insider credentials such as Hackers, Terrorists, and Malware. Using advanced Machine Learning techniques, Fuzzy Logic, etc., InCyber, TPIT System provides advance warning of impending attacks before they can damage, steal, or publicize sensitive data. This unprecedented level of defense against Insider Threats offers companies an invaluable edge that present day solutions which operate either in near real-time or after the fact simply cannot provide. Companies with advance warning of an attack can save millions by preventing such attacks instead of only mitigating the damage after the fact.

Evaluate InCyber TPIT using your own historical data

InCyber is the ONLY TPIT solution that does not offer Sample Data. With InCyber you can evaluate the TPIT System with your own data. Just send us a csv or txt file containing up to 500 User IDs and their respective activities and we will do the rest.

Test-drive with your own data