November 2019 – InCyber Showcase

InCyber is one of the 18 start-ups that will be featured during the Roadshow to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. If you plan to be at these locations on November 18, 19 and 20 please fill out the contact form with your details and indicate you would like tickets for one or more events.

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March 2019 – RSA Conference in San Francisco

InCyber exhibited at the RSA 2019 Conference in San Francisco

For details see our News & Articles section

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September 2017 – The CyLon Project

InCyber was accepted to participate in the CyLon Project in London – UK

This is a 3 month intensive project where companies and mentors work together to advance the development and marketing of the products in the UK and elsewhere in the EU.

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January 2017 – The FIBI Accelerator  

InCyber was accepted to the prestigious Cyber Security Accelerator of the First International Bank of Israel (FIBI). Each year there are ONLY 5 companies accepted out of all the companies who apply.

FIBI is one of the top commercial banks in Israel.  During the 8 months that InCyber participated in this Accelerator the TPIT product was tested in real life environment using real data from the FIBI Network.

The Accelerator ends with a major event on November 20 at the FIBI Headquarters in Tel Aviv. Each one of the 5 companies will be presenting their results to potential clients and investors from Israel and other Countries.

This is an invitation only event. If you are an Investor or if you are interested in the InCyber solutions against insider threats please contact InCyber:

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2 February 2021 – InCyber and TresCon to form a Strategic Partnership in Brazil   

InCyber Inc. – A unique Israeli Software that identifies and predicts irregular activities by insiders (contractors, partners or employees) arrives in Brazil