USA and Lydsec

InCyber, an Israeli company that developed a revolutionary product for protecting companies from Insider Cyber-attacks and Lydsec Taiwan, a leading provider of digital signature solutions, signed an agreement during the IP2 Launchpad program grand ceremony. The ceremony was held simultaneously in Tel Aviv and Taipei and was attended by the Director General of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr. Ho-Chin Tsang, the Taiwan Startup Terrace director Mr. Gary Gong, the i2i team, Mr. Ran Shifron the general manager of Healthier Globe and the Taiwanese and Israeli teams.


InCyber provides a unique solution called TPIT™ (True Prediction of Insider Threats) for predicting and preventing internal Cyber-attacks, weeks, and months before they happen. These are attacks that can be malicious attacks caused by Contractors, Consultant and/or employees of your company. Sometimes these attacks are caused unintentionally by authorized users.


The Solution monitors and checks the logs of each contractor, consultant or employee’s activities. Using Machine Learning, Algorithms and Probabilities The TPIT can provide an initial prediction score (IPS). In the final phase (CPS), InCyber combines information from and external sources to improve the accuracy of the prediction. InCyber can check hundredths of external sources, looking for specific financial and behavioral information. All these sources are public and we never use dark web and other sources without the specific approval of the company. Our double process IPS and CPS yields an unmatched accuracy of prediction.


TPIT is not an intrusive software, it has near-zero false positives and it’s adherent to GDPR norms. The software uses system logs of users (User IDs only) therefore employee privacy is not violated and secure documents are not breached.


InCyber is looking to expand to the Asian market and sees Taiwan as the gateway to reach customers and partners in the far east. Rafi Horesh the CEO of InCyber commented “The alliance with Lydsec is a great step for us, Lydsec is an ideal partner to InCyber they have the market reach, technical capability and market knowhow, joined with the strong solution that InCyber provide we can provide our customers in Taiwan and other Asian countries a full solution to prevent insider attacks”.

InCyber has the strong support of Raymond Shayo Group, Sarona Accelerator, IP2 Launchpad program and the Sarona Venture Capital fund that works mainly with startups. Part of the program are also 365x Scale-Up, of Sarona Partners, who helps companies to expand their business globally. InCyber is now expanding it’s distribution network worldwide and looking for partners.


About InCyber

InCyber, Inc. is dedicated to change the cybersecurity landscape with our True Prediction of Insider Threats (TPIT™) System, focusing on internal threats. Our mission is to defend enterprises against Internal Threats and/or those impersonating insider credentials such as Hackers, Terrorists and/or Malware. For more information click: or write to


About Lydsec

Lydsec Digital Technology, based in Taipei, Taiwan, has a long history of providing state-of-the-art security solutions to their customers in Taiwan, including the Keypasco Solution. Lydsec’s current portfolio includes several other technologies, all aimed at making online solutions secure and at preventing unauthorized access to digital assets. For more information click:


About Innovation to Industry – i2i

i2i grew out of Taiwan’s largest IT research institute, Institution for Information Industry (2,200 R&D bodies). Since 2000, i2i has been one of Taiwan’s four government-certified organizations that run incubators, and it runs Taiwan’s largest incubators – Nan-Kang Software Incubator and Kao-Hsiung Software Incubator.

I2i founded and manages a technology ecosystem, connects stakeholders within the Taiwanese tech ecosystem and is the founder of IP² LaunchPad. Taiwanese Innovation Program IP² LaunchPad accelerates the entry of Israeli companies into the far eastern markets and Taiwan’s ecosystem. The program operates at the Startup Terrace, an Innovation Park that is supported by the Small and Medium Enterprises Administration (SMEA), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in Taiwan. Rani Shifron, CEO of Israeli consulting firm Healthier Globe and manager of IP² LaunchPad’s activity in Israel, as a representative of i2i. The second cohort of the program includes 10 Israeli companies in advanced stages, after a first round of funding and with initial sales, focusing on companies who deal with digitization in the healthcare, hightech and renewable energy industries, based on big data, AI, IoT, 5G and Cyber Security.

For more details on the program