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InCyber’s True Prediction Engine of Insider Threats (TPIT)™ identifies anomalous behavior and alerts about potential inside threats weeks and even months ahead.

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How it works?

Step 1: IPS

Initial Prediction Score - Input all activities and apply the combo algorithm for detecting irregular activities

Step 2: FPS

Final Prediction Score - Apply the industry factor and compute critical prediction score

Step 3: TPIT

True Prediction of Insider Threats - use actual external parameters like: E-credit rating, integrity information and legal status, to improve the accuracy of the TPIT system

Step 4: The Production

Report the first, second and third steps suspects. Alert the CISO about the third suspect

Why InCyber?

Simple Automatic Implementation

TPIT™ is a complimentary layer of protection that seamlessly integrates with existing security infrastructure

Cost Effective

While other insider threat solutions are expensive and requires investment in infrastructure and training, TPIT™ is affordable, user friendly and easy to use.

Nearly 0 False Positives

Deep analysis at the individual level provides reliable prediction of insider threats.

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