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Cyber-Security Threats from inside your Organization?

Cybersecurity threats can cause severe damages to your business. These threats may come from inside or outside your organization. As the world leans toward the new norm of remote work and software application reliance, there’s a need for us to devote more attention to...

60% of Insider Threats Involve Employees Planning to Leave

Researchers shows most "flight-risk" employees planning to leave an organization tend to start stealing data two to eight weeks before they go. More than 80% of employees planning to leave an organization bring its data with them. These "flight-risk" individuals were...

Cost of Insider Threats Rises 31%

Sarah Coble News Writer New research released yesterday by the Ponemon Institute reveals a dramatic increase in both the frequency of insider threats and their financial cost to businesses since 2018.   The report, "2020 Cost of Insider...

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