Why InCyber


1. We deploy extremely fast (less than 1 hour)

2. Quick results (normally 1 or 2 weeks)

3. We focus exclusively on Insider Threats.

InCyber, Inc. is totally dedicated to changing the insider security landscape with our TPIT™ (True Prediction of Insider Threats)™ System. Our mission is to defend enterprises against Insider Threats and/or those impersonating Insider credentials such as Hackers, Terrorists, and Malware. Using Augmented Intelligence, Machine Learning, a Combo Algorithm, and the External Industry Factors, the TPIT System provides advance warning of impending attacks before they can damage, steal, or publicize sensitive data. This unprecedented level of defense against Insider Threats offers companies an invaluable edge that present-day solutions which operate either in near real-time or after the fact simply cannot provide. Companies with advance warning of an attack can save millions by preventing such attacks instead of only mitigating the damage after the fact.

However,… there are more than financial losses, just consider the loss of reputation, loss of customers and even closure of business caused by one single “Insider Breach“. For additional information and more than 80 Case Studies related to Insider Threats, visit our News & Articles section.

Due to the CORONA VIRUS, InCyber is offering a FREE 3 month License to use the TPIT system and avoid the potential damages by the heightened insider activities. During uncertain times with pending layoffs, closures, unpaid vacation, etc., the best way to protect your company is by getting the TPIT Predictive Reports. Why wait? In less than 30 days you will get a High Risk report on employees, contractors, etc.

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